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Increase Your Sales and Retain Your Clients

Our mission is to change the way Canadians have traditionally bought or leased new vehicles.  We simplify the new vehicle lease and buying process by locating the car, pre-arranging the pricing and advising our customer on their best financial options.


Our goal is to obtain the best price and lowest cost of ownership, while providing professional advice that saves our clients time and money.  


Our objective is to build a long term trusting relationship with each individual client.


If this sounds appealing to you, we offer the right Automotive Professionals or Sales Professionals from other vocations looking for a change the chance to further build their client base with our proprietary car buying service.  Imagine having the ability to sell or lease any brand of new vehicle.  Not only will you sell more vehicles you are better able to service your clients, increase your referral network and keep your clients for their entire new vehicle buying cycle as you will never lose them to a brand you cant sell.


With an established dealer network and sophisticated pricing modules your immediately able to expand your business across the automotive spectrum of brands and focus on selling and building your network, our support team takes care of pricing and locating the vehicles.


To find out more on this opportunity on how to become and Inside Track Professional Automotive Consultant, please contact us by email:

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